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Million Dollar Challenge

The Million Dollar Challenge gives your adventure-seeking supporters the chance to test themselves physically and mentally - all in the name of your charity!

Throughout 2016, 12 teams will each set out on 12 unique challenges designed to let them test their limits.

Some will trek rugged long-distance trails. Some will climb to iconic mountain peaks. Some will cycle across dramatic landscapes. But there is one goal they will have in common - to help raise $1 million for Australian charities.

Communication plans

It's important to keep up regular communication with your fundraisers and with so many emails from event organisers, sponsors, charities etc. it's hard to know when to send your email to make the greatest impact.

Phone Engagement

Calling your top 20 fundraisers and getting to know what their inspiration is and what your cause means to them, is a great way to encourage those top achievers to reach even higher! Click here for our Phone Script

Fundraising Tips

Our Top 3 Tips to get your fundraisers started

  • - Send an email to your whole address book
  • - Connect to Facebook - use the power of social media to spread the word
  • - Personalise your Fundraising Page - Tell people why you are taking part.
  • - Click here to see our video for more great tips.


Social Media

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Email Engagement

Engaging with our fundraisers is vital to any campaign. We have produced a series of email templates for you to use in accordance with the communications plan. You can make them event specific by using banner and logos from the Event buttons section below.

Email Templates

Event buttons and banners

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