Online Fundraising

Planning and inspiring

This is the introduction to the resource centre. The most important part of any successful fundraising campaign is having a good clear plan. Allow yourself enough time to engage participants and supporters, and create the momentum you need to succeed.


Give yourself plenty of time. Start planning at least 9-12 months out from your event date. Launch your online fundraising campaign as soon as you can. If you are running an event every year, try to open it only a few months after the previous year has finished. This will maximise your chances of success.


Try to create anticipation and build excitement for your campaign, by creating some teaser emails to your supporters. Start with your past supporters and go from there. Make sure you segment your data by separating supporters from different events, people who raise money and people who didn't etc.

Lead by example

Get you board and staff members to take part too, this will help build the critical mass you need to build your campaign.

Planning Top Tips

  • Set up your charity team page. Whenever you contact your fundraisers, make sure you ask them to join your team – this helps build community, momentum and fundraising. 
  • Ask past fundraisers to do it again. Click here for a draft email to get you started.
  • Ask supporters and friends of your charity to register and fundraise for you. Click here for this great resource.
  • Get storytelling. Share stories about the need – the people or cause you help. It’s a great way to let your fundraisers know about the amazing impact of their fundraising. Or share stories about people like them who have been awesome at fundraising at this event in the past.
  • Encourage your fundraisers to take action to raise more money – ask them to email their friends, connect on social media or make the first donation themselves. Click here to see draft emails that you can send. 
  • Use social media to connect with your fundraisers and make sure you commend and encourage them on their posts about the event.
  • Phone your top fundraisers, active or past, to find out what support or information they need. Take the opportunity to tell another story! Encourage and thank them. Click here to check out a guide to making phone calls to your fundraisers. 
  • Go along to the event to cultivate your stories. Interview your fundraisers to feature in future emails. Take videos, even on your mobile. Connect and say thank you!
  • Go the extra mile for your fundraisers. Use video to tell stories about the important impact of their fundraising achievements – check out a great video storytelling tool at Why not try a video to promote your event to your supporters who have never fundraised at your events before?
  • Consider an incentive or reward for your fundraisers. Think about the merchandise you have (or could easily produce) to give to your fundraisers if, for example, they register or reach a goal by a certain date.
  • Thank, thank and thank again. Thank your fundraisers at every opportunity. 
  • Hold a fun thank you event and invite all your fundraisers to join you and meet each other. It’s a great way of connecting with them and thanking them. Make sure you invite them by email, and even by phone if possible.